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Syril Levin Kline

Syril Levin Kline is the recipient of a First Place International Chaucer Award for her first solo work, "Shakespeare’s Changeling: A Controversial Literary Historical Novel." Her career as an author, journalist, educator, musician, and theater director underscores her love for the arts, which greatly influenced the unique narrative she presents in her nonfiction work, "Inspiring Legacy: David and Carmen Kreeger’s Journey to Philanthropy." Her sensitivity to the enduring impact of stories passed down from one generation to the next led her to feature excerpts from the notes, letters, and speeches of David, his wife Carmen, and his father Barnet alongside the historical narrative, making the book a fascinating read.


Syril’s work as a print journalist influenced the detailed reporting for “Inspiring Legacy: David and Carmen Kreeger’s Journey to Philanthropy”. She began her publishing career in 1998 when her husband Peter invited her to co-author their novel, “The Butterfly Dreams.” 

Syril is a native of Washington, DC and graduated with honors from the University of Maryland. With her husband Peter, she taught Integrative Learning in schools and corporations across the country. While living in Indiana, she wrote a thrice weekly Q & A consumer column for The South Bend Tribune. She moved to South Carolina in 2020 where (among pursuing a variety of interests) she now teaches music and dramatic arts at the Addlestone Hebrew Academy.

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First Place International Chaucer

Award Winner

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Inspiring Legacy

Shakespeare's Changeling

The Butterfly Dreams

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